Random Inspiration
05.10.21 Kickstarter CAP AK

Made for brief 7 🎩 around a year ago, the cap designed by Adrianus Kundert is now available on Kickstarter. Through this link you van have a look at the project: After the initial design made within the context of Basketclub he shaped it further into a functional product made out of washable paper. This sometimes called paper leather is both durable and strong and gets more soft when you use it often.

13.09.21 Coming up: Bask-it! - Oktober 2021 AK

Dutch Design Week, an exhibition dedicated to the past and future of basketry.

Curated by Adrianus Kundert, including the first major exhibition of the Basketclub project.
Okt, 16 - Okt, 24 2021
Microlab,Eindhoven (NL)

13.09.21 Macrame netting AK
14.07.21 Past: Basketclub x Karimoku AK

Jan-Feb 2021, Tokyo (JP)

02.09.21 Paper weaving in Korea AK
09.09.21 Coiled Pine needle basket
05.10.21 Portugues basketry AK

This exhibition originated from an in-depth investigation into the materials and techniques in the two portuguese basketry collections of the National Ethnology Museum and Popular Art Museum In Lisbon, with an aim to highlight this knowledge for designers, architects, crafts(wo)men, makers and the public-at-large.

We present this research and its corresponding current ecosystem in Portugal via the presentation of objects, drawings, photographs, videos and interconnected data on raw materials, techniques and history of use. Giving a holistic view of the creation process from the planting of a seed to the final objects, this is an introduction to the age-old techniques of basket-weaving, a plant based design and the most ancient known human technology. This exhibition introduces a selection of practicing local basketweavers, encouraging our attention to the urgency for the transmission of this know-how. At the same time linking this craft to environmental conscientiousness and stewardship.

Through an integrated look at current sustainability strategies, we find that the harmony of this slow and regenerative design process provides an alternative to current accelerated and environmentally precarious production. This has instigated programs nurturing a dialogue between crafts(wo)men, students and designers in order to create new contemporary utilitarian solutions from a selection of basketry techniques.

This exhibition is part of an ongoing research into Portuguese basketry. We present it as a call to action, laying out the tools for a better understanding of this craft. Its’ rereading through a new lens and its’ adaptability to contemporary requirements. Additionally we hope this to be a contribution to public awareness of responsible consumption practices and a celebration of intangible heritage.

From September 10 till spring 2022

12.09.21 Turn your newspaper into a twined basket AK
13.09.21 Bottle cover made with paracord
10.08.21 Make a mad weave with paper strips AK
12.08.21 Make a hat from a single palm leave AK
12.08.21 Classic willow woven basket AK
Turkish wing broom making
08.07.21 Basics of a flatweave with paper strips AK
13.09.21 Weaving a chair seat AK
09.09.21 Hexagonal basketry weaving AK
01.09.21 Portrait of basketry weaver Esme Hofman (Dutch) AK
08.09.21 Future Primitiv AK

Evey is a designer crafts practitioner and tutor, exploring in a cultural, social and artistic approach to unfold the value for tradition and the process of making. Her artistic work and research connects with artisans, ethnographers, and makers evolving around the themes of craft-based technologies, intuitive making with local context and site-specific.

Her background in design and digitisation has brought her closer to the need of finding new meaning by sharing real stories and knowledge with real people. What does it mean today to be close to nature and to be working manually with hands? How do we address the current consumption crisis and transform our lavish into a sustainable lifestyle? How do we foster creativity outside of the conventional didactic educational system?

17.09.21 Combining 3D printing with basketry, a project by Amandine David AK
03.08.21 New functions of basketry, Warka Water AK

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13.09.21 Weaving with copper wire AK
17.09.21 Open brief 23 in collaboration with Crafts Council NL AK

We are very excited to announce an upcoming open brief in collaboration with Crafts Council. For this special round, anyone is invited to submit a basket based on the theme of 🔌. Basketclub will post all baskets in their Instagram stories and a selection in their feed. We will select some of the baskets for our physical BASK IT! exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven. It could be a basket made from electricity cables, a basket made with technology or any other powered application you can think off.

Please post your basket in your Instagram feed by October 1st, the caption starting with: @_basketclub_ x @craftsnl Brief 23 🔌.

How to participate

Please send photos of your basket to with your name and Instagram handle before September 31. Also mention your phone number, location and the dimensions of the basket to make sure we can contact you quickly in case your basket will be selected for the physical exhibition.

The cover image should be taken while holding your basket in your left hand against a neutral background, just like the ones that you see in the Basketclub feed. Please make sure the basket is not cropped.

About Crafts Council Nederland

Crafts Council Nederland is the platform for contemporary craft. It is the place where art, fashion, design and heritage all unite and where craftsmanship is nurtured and passed on to a new generation. With BASK IT! – or ‘cherish it!’ – Crafts Council Nederland takes you into the world of basketry. We join forces with makers, experts and interested parties and explore the special qualities, possibilities and new applications of three-dimensional weaving, as well as its social context. Adrianus Kundert is guest curator for BASK IT!.

30.08.21 Cancelled: Basketclub X U-joints Helsinki AK

Knits&Knots curated by Anniina Koivu

01.09.21 How to make a monkeyball or dog toy AK
12.09.21 3D weaving - Textilemuseum AK

3D weaving by Adrianus Kundert
Thursday October 21, 2021